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Join FEC staff and board members in serving the children and families of Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo and Taiwan by sponsoring children, donating needed items, or traveling with us to these exotic countries for service projects and a wonderful cultural experience.

Check out our GIVE! page for more information on how you can make a difference in a child's life!


Our Taiwan Adoption Program is currently open to adoptive families for the placement of infants and older children. Infant applicants are currently being approved for those open to the placement of male infants.


Please check out our new Waiting Children Website for information on children who are waiting for their forever families! Children from the DR of Congo, Taiwan and Haiti are waiting for forever families now!

For more information about the placement of these children, please visit www.foreverfamiliesforchildren.org or email us at laura@foreverychild.org.


For Every Child (FEC) assists families in successful, positive adoption experiences and is sensitive to the individual needs of families.

FEC staff have had many years of experience counseling and assisting adoptive families in their adjustment as new families. Staff can assist adoptive families in meeting their placement program's required post placements and direct families to resources that will help them to parent their adopted children.

For Every Child coordinates adoptions from the countries of Taiwan and Haiti and provides pre-adoption services including Home Study Preparation and post-adoption services including Post Placement Reports for Utah Adoptive Families.


FEC's Picture the Future for Kids! projects change the world one child at a time.

Your donation supports our current projects in Taiwan, Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Check out our GIVE! page for information on our current projects, make a donation and know that 100% of your donation is used to ensure your chosen project changes the world of the children we serve.

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